Nicaraguan Golf Shop

The game of golf is very big business these days, with courses all around the world and enthusiastic players in every corner of the globe. While the majority of players use their local golf course on a regular basis, there is a growing market for golf holidays and tours in lots of different worldwide locations. […]

Travelling to coin auctions

Collectors of coins travel all over the world to coin auctions, there are many different places that play host to the auctions and have a wealth of experience in selling coins (Münzen schätzen). Two places which are within the European perimeter and hold these auctions are Dublin and London. London has a client base which […]

Photography through stamps

The Penny Black was the very first British postage stamp issued in 1840 with a picture showing a young Queen Victoria. Today the Penny Black is a much sought after stamp by collectors who are often willing to pay up to £200 for a used stamp depending upon the condition.